Wednesday, March 20, 2013

False start

Just in case you didn't know...this is not the way to lose weight. Just in case you were wondering, that's one snickers bar and 20 mini snickers and Reese's mini cups. This is hugely shameful but I hoping this embarrassment will help me to never repeat. After looking up the caloric info with my disappointed hubby :/ I took in ~1100 calories! And ~100 grams of sugar! There are no words....

Breakfast smoothie

Pretty darn tasty

No better time to start...

...than now!!! After that shock this morning, I decided to throw my lunch together instead of just 'winging' it for the day.

Oh snap!

Here we go again. I had the rudest awakening this AM and just taught myself why it's important to FRIGGIN keep track of what I eat! I can be as active as I want but the truth is, I justify my...over justify bad eating 'since I work out'. Time to get it together M!! I think I need to give myself a personal challenge to get back on track. Will post a challenge soon!