Friday, April 29, 2011

6 Week Body Make Over Day 3 4.27.11

Wow!  It's amazing how beneficial a little preparation can be.  I've been eating some VERY bland food these last two days b/c I've been short on time or some would say, planned poorly.  But TODAY, I had enough time this morning to cook turkey breasts instead of my usual egg whites for breakfast.  I looked up this recipe on how to season/flavor turkey breasts.  I DO declare, it was rocking!!! Yum Yum Yum!  I wasn't sure how I was going to survive without using oil but I turned it on med high and kept using water to prevent it from sticking.   Each patty weighs approximately 3 oz and will be used for my breakfast and MMS (mid morning snack).

I used
1/4c of white wine (cooking wine)
1/4c of lemon juice
Sprinkled a little garlic on top



You got a one juicy turkey breast. Perhaps, my taste buds have been deprived and that's why this turkey is the crown champion to me today.

I don't know but it's so darn good. I'm toot-tooting my own horn today.

You can't see it but I'm doing the cabbage patch over here.

Woo hoo!

Things to note:

I really have to be strict about eating on schedule. I got a glimpse of where my taste buds will lead me if I don't and it could be disastrous.

Last night, as I was prepping my aforementioned crock pot sensation, pineapple chicken,  I couldn't help myself.  I was picking up discarded pineapple and eating bits of it....I know I was only supposed to have berries that night but I couldn't stop myself.

Confession #2, before I could even eat my dinn, I grabbed a banana and sprinkled cinnamon on it bite for bite.   Let me tell you,  it was wonderful! Wonderful I tell you!  It tasted like a Krispy Kreme donut to me! No lie.  It was amazing.  You have to get a banana that is at perfect ripeness and maybe even a little soft.  I will do it again in the near future...probably when I start the regular 6wbm program instead of this 6 day accelerated cycle.

Knowing all of my off plan behavior from yesterday helped me steer clear of the scale.  I'm always tempted to weigh myself but I've resolved to hold out to Saturday, maybe even Sunday AM.

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