Friday, April 29, 2011

6 Week Body Make Over Day 4 4.28.11

Had Surgery Today!

I had something called DeQuervain and it has been hurting for a while.  So I'm very glad to have gotten this surgery.  A bit painful afterwards but not too bad.  A few main things to note:

Couldn't eat or drink anything until after surgery.  ~ate around 12 but managed to eat on plan except for the part where I woke up to my hubby trying to force feed me graham crackers as I tried to mumble...this is NOT on my plan! lol 

I was still in a drug induced state at that point.
I didn't eat as many meals as I intended b/c I was straight up exhausted by the time I came home.

Next point is, as a result of having surgery and being put under....they had to weigh me.  To my surprise, I have lost 5lbs as of today!  I felt fantastic! I felt skinnier!  5lbs from Monday to Thursday feels amazing! 

I'm so excited  to see what Saturday holds.



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