Tuesday, April 26, 2011

6 Week Body Make Over Day 1 4.25.11

Lessons I learned today:

1.  Be flexible!  Mix around the food menu based on your schedule & your needs.  It's ok to vary meal times.  Meaning, they don't all have to  be 3hrs apart.  And  they don't all have to be 2hrs apart. You can mix and match those, again, based on your schedule/needs.  But try not to go past 3hrs.
2.  I DO have at least an iota of will power b/c I did not stray from my 'on plan' foods today!  Woo hooo!
3.  Eating every 2-3hrs really helps to quell the voices in my head calling for popcorn, chocolate and pastry delights.  I've noticed the cravings subside when I have food in my belly.  Which is good b/c my cravings can be disastrous.
4.  Water helps keep the belly full too and wards off those hunger pangs.
5.   And most importantly, PLANNING is EVERYTHING!

A few things of note:

I know today, I barely made it through, stumbling along the way but I could NOT wait one more day to start.  I just couldn't bear it. I HAD to start.  I couldn't wait for things to be perfect before I began this program.
       -No I didn't have all the ingredients I needed to make the meals I scouted out
       -No, I hadn't even put ANY meals together before this morning

But I still did it!

As you can see from the picture, I have the very basic stuff in its rawest form; tuna, strawberries, broccoli, rice (cooked in the microwave while I packed the other food) and egg whites.  Nothing seasoned, nothing special but that's a consequence I had to pay for my poor planning.  I think that's a lesson in itself.  Things don't have to be perfect before you dive into something you really want.  And I'll use this menu for the next time I'm in a pinch.  So kudos to me for starting!  (Oh, I had already eaten my strawberries and eggwhites before I thought it might be a good idea to take a picture.)

I was hungry this morning in between meals.  And during that time, my mind was racing and shooting me images of biscuits and other pastry goodness.  I have to come up with some affirmations or mantras I can say to myself when the water and the frequent meals just isn't deterring me from my precious Ritter Sports Chocolate and Almond bar...emmm.

I almost pitched a fit during my mid afternoon snack which will now be called (MAS) b/c I was eating plain tuna and REALLY wanted some flavor to go along with it.  Garnish is free in the cafeteria of my job so I was delighted when I saw relish packets.  My glee was short lived when I read the label to find all the GUNK they add to relish just to make it relish!
Is all this necessary?
Phosphate something....sorbate something, xanthium...dextrose..you name it, it was in there!  Geeze, can a sista just get relish, please?  So I moved on to the mustard packets and BAM, same thing! Ugh.

All I could hear was Michael Thurmond's voice in the back ground saying, 'all these things jam up your metabolic process Myette...STAY AWAY from them.'   And I did but I silently vowed to make my own relish for such occasions as these.

So how did I do today....well I had to switch a few meals around so that my meal with a carb was before my run, today.  I'm super proud of myself for hydrating.  It's 4pm now and I've already drank 32 oz of water.  I will definitely try to get more in before my 6pm run.   I'm hoping to kick butt today. No tapping out due to dehydration this time around!

Quick synopsis of my meals today:
 ~7ish   Pre-breakfast  two slices of turkey bacon
9am    Breakfast egg whites & ½ c strawberries
12pm  M.M.S.  chicken & 1c broccoli
3pm    Lunch    tuna & 1c broccoli
5pm    M.A.S.  turkey bacon, rice & 1c broccoli  (don't need heavy chicken on my tummy before my 6pm run)
8pm  Dinner   chicken & 1c broccoli & rice

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