Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's get this party started My!

 Wow, I am absolutely amazed at the fact that I'm in serious need of motivation to even get started!  I plan to start the 6 week body makeover by Michael Thurmond but coupled with the fatigue I'm experiencing due to one insomniac spouse,

I'm overwhelmed with a feeling of dread.  This dread, I suppose, is linked to the notion that there's no going back to the food which once comforted me, so I'm finding myself binging on all my favorites.
As if having one last go at EVERYTHING I love will suffice for the rest of my life.  
Funny thing is, is having a  taste of all these sugary confections of goodness only makes you want more.  Mentally, physically and chemically dependent on all things chocolate, I am.  Uggggh!.


Anyway, in doing all of this, I'm also using my hubby as the reason I haven't begun the program.  I want him  to the do the program along with me and have been waiting for him to make some time to review all the literature, body profiling etc that comes along with the program but truthfully, though I love him and want him to be healthy I've come to some cold hard facts:
 1-I  can't make him do it 
2-How can I help someone if I can't help myself 
3-leading by example is the best way to accomplish things sometimes.

So that's what I resolve to do.  By Sunday, April 17, I will have put my package together, bought the groceries and begun prepping meals in accordance with the SWBM program.  BAM! And  there it is.  I've put it out there.  

I do have a positive note to celebrate.   

I've consistently been running with this wonderful group called Fit-Tastic in Raleigh.  The best running group and coaches a girl could ask for.  ; )  

Now, if I could get both my exercise consistent and my eating CLEAN and above reproach.....whoa now! I'd be on FIRE!  So here's to no looking back!



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